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Who We Are

Who We Are

Advisory from a Value Creation Perspective

Arche Value Management (AVM) is a management consulting firm with a mission of supporting client companies in their drive to improve performance and valuation through the effective implementation of advanced, value focused strategic, financial management and governance practices. As an overarching objective, AVM firmly believes that companies should seek to maximize shareholder value creation over time through a responsible, ethical and value based approach to strategy and business management.

AVM is a Canadian (Toronto based) company with expertise in the design and implementation of advanced financial and strategic management technology. The effectiveness of this technology is enabled through well designed and implemented management incentive compensation and corporate governance practices.

Our success is derived from the provision of objective and fact based advisory to our clients, developed and delivered through a collaborative and interactive approach. Our goal is to see our clients improve their economic performance on a sustainable, long-term basis, and thereby increase enterprise value and shareholder satisfaction.

AVM is led by Mack Ferguson, a leading practitioner in the field of applied corporate finance and value based strategy and management technology. Formerly, Mack was President of the Americas Consulting Division of Stern Stewart & Co. (Canada, Caribbean, Central & Latin America, US), a pioneering firm in the field of value based strategy and management.

Arche Value Management advises clients on: